House description


The house consists of two areas read” (Rivellino” and Terraces”), and a separate Municipality.
Guests can use the whole apartment.
From the terrace, the size of the apartment, will dominate the roofs of the old town and the Gulf of Gallipoli.
And the solution is ideal for 5 people (families or groups of friends).

The area Rivellino

Zone Rivellino consists of a Bedroom double (Ravelin) and Bath (Ravelin), not communicating. This area can accommodate 2 people and possibly a child.

  • The room Rivellino also has a double bed, two nightstands, a wardrobe, a dresser, a mirror and a small console. The window offers a pleasant view of some buildings and a beautiful view of the sea Canneto”.
  • Bath Rivellino also has toilets, a sink, a shower and a washing machine. There is a small window that provides air and light in abundance. And the bathroom used by guests of the room Rivellino that, however, do not access it directly.

The area Terraces

The Terraces area consists of a Bedroom single (Terrace), a Double Room (Night), a lounge (Scirocco) and a bathroom (Terrace) which is accessed from the Terrace Room. This area can accommodate 3 people and possibly have an extra bed.

  • The Terrace Room features a single bed, a bedside table, a mirror and a library. From the window you see a glimpse of the houses and terraces of the old town.
  • The Night Room has two single beds, two bedside tables and a wardrobe. There are no windows but receives the light and the air indirectly.
  • The Scirocco lounge has a sofa bed, a table and a library. From the large window you have a view of the Gulf of Gallipoli and on the coast to the Natural Park of Pizzo.
  • Bath Terrace has the toilet, a sink and a shower. There is a window for lighting and ventilation. And ‘the bathroom used by guests of the area Terraces; to go to the bathroom, guests have to cross the room terraces and possibly the room at night. The need for privacy makes this solution suitable for families or groups of friends.

Common area

The common area consists of a kitchen, a large dining room and a sitting area. Upstairs there is a large terrace, as big as the whole apartment, on which there is a technical room dedicated to heating and water.

  • The kitchen, not space, is equipped with the sink and drainer, a refrigerator, an electric oven, a kitchen with natural gas (which frees guests from the hassles associated with the use of the cylinders) and a table fan . They are also available dishes, tablecloths and napkins.
  • The Dining Room, very large, have the table with its chairs, a large dresser, a ceiling fan and an air conditioner. Shares, with the living room, three large windows that allow a wide view of the Gulf of Gallipoli and on the coast to the Natural Park of Pizzo.
  • The seating area has an easy chair, a wicker love seat, a glass shelf and TV.

La Terrazza is on the top floor; is as big as the whole apartment and dominates, on the one hand, the houses of the Old Town and on the other, the Gulf of Gallipoli. To protect yourself from the sun, on the terrace there is a geometric structure on which you can mount the sheets. There are also a large table, chairs and lounges and laundry drier. Of course, to enjoy this beautiful view, you have to climb a couple of flights of stairs but it’s worth it!    

From the terrace there is access to a technical room where the boiler is located, 2 boxes” for water conservation and its autoclave. The boxes are filled at night, when the City of Gallipoli supplies water with fewer restrictions, and have a total capacity of 1000 liters, more than enough for normal consumption.

This short film shows a panoramic view taken from the Terrace.

Panoramic view from the terrace

In all environments reign peace and tranquility, especially at night.

The apartment is on the second (and last) floor.

The staircase and the facade, recently renovated, are pleasant and comfortable.

In less than 10 minutes away, walk” you can:

  • go for a swim in the bosom of Purity, with its unique public beach;
  • see the centuries-old Greek Fountain”; Bridge linking the island that houses the Old Town to the mainland, with its Palastre; the Angevin Castle and the Rivellino; the historic Teatro Garibaldi; the impressive building that houses the public library; the Municipal Museum; an Underground oil mill; the Fish Market; the port with its fishing fleet; less than 13 Catholic churches centenary;
  • miss out on the streets and in the courts, including folklore and immersed in Baroque;
  • do the “tour of the Walls“, between sea and history.

Using the keyword Gallipoli” in any search engine (Google, ), I invite you to navigate the sea of information, pictures and videos, on the Internet and that illustrate the history, culture and natural beauty of its place.

In particular, you should see this overview of the historical center of Gallipoli a bird: along the walls here we are!

Around the walls

The house is located in the city center, where the City of Gallipoli has limited parking (for residents only) and the traffic, from June to September.

As you can imagine, the use of the automobile, in Gallipoli, is not absolutely necessary within a few minutes walk, you can find all the shops you need for your expenses and all places of entertainment. However, if you want to visit the city, rich in natural beauty, culture and art, or reach beaches, beaches, meeting places, day and night, scattered along the coast, the car becomes necessary. In this case you can make use of the free parking made in the harbor, just 200 m. away from the house.

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Our Holiday House is located in Puglia, in the heart of Salento, in the historic center of Gallipoli, along the walls that surround the island, surrounded by the Ionian Sea.